Love of food got us here

Owner, Ashley Stevenson, was simply a girl who enjoyed food. No sophisticated palette or culinary training, just pure passion. 

It wasn't until a trip to Africa her senior year of high school that she was forced to adjust to the fact that there was more than chicken nuggets, french fries, and rice in the world.

The next life changing moment came when she decided to go to college in Louisiana. Talk about food shock! It was the most rewarding adventure she could have gone on. She fell in love with food in 2003. Ever since then she has found herself eating her way through the cities she travels to. So when she moved to Oklahoma City and realized everything the city had to offer she pretty much ate her way through her new home.

"My goal is to introduce people to something bigger than chain restaurants. The food and people behind the restaurant concepts here have a lot to offer and I just want to share the joy of my journey."


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